This is a great year for white pussy or as popularly known, ‘ Hello Kitty ‘. That’s because in 01 November 2014, perpetual 3rd grade celebrates its 40th anniversary! And although they are not shy about revealing her age, Ms. white that has kept a big secret in the world-she is not a cat!

This shocking revelation that started hello kitty birthday cakes as a rumor in internet at the beginning of this year, at the end of August, was confirmed by the anthropologist from Harvard and Hello Kitty expert Christine Yano. The author of the pink globalization: Trek in the Pacific Hello Kitty “, says that while curating an exhibition in honor of the famous 40 anniversary of the icon, wrote a script that Hello Kitty as a ‘ cat ‘.”

However, when they sent the creator of Hello Kitty, the Japanese company Sanrio, corrected for approval and told her that even though they might see a cat look like, Hello Kitty was anything but. According to the makers, she is a friend of the girl, the icon and the Japanese one kyarakutaa, which loosely translated as ‘ character ‘. Another scandal? The Ms.-Kitty has a pet cat called Charmmy Kitty!

Now that the confusion of 40 years or hello kitty party older has been cleared, the famous icon can continue their birthdays, which began in June, when Hello Kitty flew into space on board the Hodoyoshi of nanosatellite which carries impressive images and also rays of messages sent by his followers.

Back on earth are their fans putting the finishing hand to Hello! Exploring the world of Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty Supercute first museum in large retrospective in the United States. Planned for April 15, 2015 in Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles from 11 October 2014, there will be a historical and sociological look at based on the Hello Kitty phenomenon in which an exhibition of art influence of the icon in contemporary art.

And that’s not all. From 30 October to 2 November, will hold its first Congress ever Hello Kitty. The famous icon will in Little Tokyo Museum of contemporary art in the heart of Los Angeles, Hello Kitty with 2014, a world of fans and a friend meeting in honor of the 40th anniversary. The event promises to be a fun interactive experience for all ages and will feature food, activities, exhibitions, lectures and Panel even focused on Hello Kitty! These are of course only the celebrations in the United States. Japanese fans probably have more events in store.


Born white Kitty, Hello Kitty appeared for the first time on stationary Sanrio in 1974, as one of the characters of ‘ bread ‘. Born a half British and half Japanese, was his ‘ family ‘ outside of England based. Even had a twin sister called Mimmy, although not much has been heard about it since. To indicate that a global language he spoke from his heart, she was sketched with no mouth.

While the makers were hoping that this intriguing background the heartstrings of children catches, they were even surprised by her success almost overnight. What is even more impressive is that over the past 40 years, his fans that children and adults, includes only increased.